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Air Systems

BT Paintball Design Apex Barrel System


The Apex is one of the more expensive barrels on the market, but I think the price asked suits it great. The barrel has some clear advantages over many of the other barrels out there. It’s manly compared to a Flatline, but even then you can see it is better. The greatest advantage over the […]

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BT Paintball Design BT-1913 Barrel Kit


The BT-1913 is an amazing woodsball barrel. It has its flaws, but overall performs perfectly. It’s extremely accurate and gives you that extra 10-15 feet of distance that keeps you relatively out of range of opposing players. The thing looks great and gives your gun a completely different look. It’s not paint picky, and rarely […]

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Worr Game Products Worr Gas Air Systems


Although people are not impressed by it I think this tank deserves some attention, mainly because of its price (for the 50 cubic inch aluminum tank). The thing is pretty consistent and there’s no drop off, but it’s really heavy. I would say it’s about as heavy and as big as a 20oz CO2 Tank […]

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WDP Angel Air Low Pressure System


This is a great tank and a must buy if you have a low pressure gun. You’ll be amazed with it. It is pretty light; it has very consistant flow and lasts a long time; looks cool and you get tons of shots off it (1000 without a full fill). Drop off is not on […]

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Smart Parts Max Flo Air System


Many players like this tank and there’s a reason for that – it is light, it looks very nice and it is amazingly consistent. It has two gauges on it. One tells you the psi inside the tank and the other tells you how much pressure is going into your gun. Drop off is not […]

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PMI Pure Energy Air System


It’s finally time for the so talked about PMI Pure Energy. Players seem to be in love with this thing even though it’s not the perfect tank on the market. Let’s see why. First of the tank is light (well, there sure are lighter ones out there, but you certainly can’t call this one very […]

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Nitro Duck iReg Tuff Skin Air-System


The other Nitro Duct tank we’ll be talking about is the iReg Tuff Skin. It is small, it has great recharge rate, it’s cheap and light…just like any normal present tank, only better because it is adjustable. You just have to purchase a piston kit, because the iReg comes stock with the 800psi piston. The […]

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Nitro Duck Carbon Fiber Air System


The Nitro Duck Carbon Fiber tank is overall a pretty good thing. There are absolutely better tanks out there, but just because of its price – around $150 it’s worth your attention. The thing is pretty reliable. It’s strongly made, but don’t push it to the limits. It’s fairly consistent and even though drop off […]

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MACDev Conquest Air System


The MACDev Conquest is definitely one of the top of the line air systems. It has several advantages over many of the other adjustable, low-pressure regs out there. Firstly, it’s very small and lightweight. It has an extremely high flow and amazingly consistent velocities. You can be sure you will experience no shoot down at […]

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MACDev ’05 Legion Air System


Yes there are newer versions out, but just because it’s 05 doesn’t mean the Macdev should be out of the picture. On the contrary – you’ll be nothing but impresses by this tank. For starters it comes with both lp and hp burst disks which allows it to be much safer than any other tank […]

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Invert 56ci 4500psi


There are not too many opinions about the Invert 56ci4500psi, but of what I hear people are very fond of it. It may not be the normal sized tank, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth considering. In fact the thing is pretty reliable and I think you’re gonna like it if you decide to […]

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Evil Scion Air


Evil Scion is one pretty good product. It is in the cheaper range of ajustible outputs and it’s said to be one of the best. I’ll start with the fact that the tank is incredibly consistent. Firing +/-18 bps there is hardly any drop off. You can expect absolutely no leaks from the tank whatsoever. […]

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Empire Fuel Fixed Air System


The other Empire tank I think you should know about is the Fuel Fixed Air. It’s relatively cheaper than the previous one reviewed, but it’s pretty much as good. It’s nice and light, very consistant and holds a great amount of air. You can run through it about 1400 shots with no problems.  This is […]

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Empire Fuel Adjustable Air System


People qualify the Empire Fuel Adjustable Air System as the best adjustable output system on the market right now. And they’re right. It’s really one of the greatest out there, but you have to be willing to pay the price for it. And unfortunately the price is not something anyone can afford. The thing is […]

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Dye Throttle Adjustable Air System


With all the variety on the market it’s only natural to wonder which one is the best air system for you. If you really can’t make up your mind, let me give you an easy solution – Dye is the way to go. There are many, many other good systems, but when it comes to […]

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DraXxuS DXS Nitrogen Systems


Another Draxxus tank that deserves your attention. The DXS Nitrogen System is great. It recharges fast and never starves for air. Its gauge is really accurate so you will always know how much air you have left. The reg is a PMI knockoff, recharges at about 30 times a second, which you have to admit […]

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DraXxuS Carbon Fiber 48/4500 HPA Tank


If you liked the CP Air tank from the previous review it’s quite possible that you like the DraXxuS Carbon Fiber 48/4500 HPA Tank, too. They’re basically the same products, only a little bit different, but we’ll talk more about that difference later in the review. I’ll start with the positive things about this tank. […]

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Custom Products CP Air


Here’s the next great air system I want to show you. The CP Air is a system you’ll simply fall for. The thing is very dependable and consistent.  It’s extremely light (for those who find the weight a problem) and smaller than most of the systems on the market. Smaller meaning shorter as it’s just […]

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Crossfire Stub Air System


Many of you may not like how this tank looks, but personally I think stubbies look awesome on guns. You’ll really love it, especially if you’re a front player. But looks is not the best thing in this tank. Its performance is definitely worth mentioning. The consistency of this Crossfire is very good and drop […]

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Crossfire Skull Fixed High Pressure 68ci 4500psi


  Another Crossfire system at your consideration. Many of the things from the previous review will be repeated, but I wanted to give you this one as an option too. It deserves your consideration just as much as the previous one. It is light, it’s durable, it’s easy to maintain and the 1000+ shots per […]

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