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Air Systems

Crossfire Air System


The Crossfire is probably the people’s favorite system. It just covers everything a player want from an air system. It’s really easy to use, just fill up the tank appropriately and then screw it into the ASA of your marker. The capacity is awesome. Consistency is not a problem. The thing is pretty light and […]

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CenterFlag Dynaflow Air System


Centerflag makes well engineered products and backs them with great support. The Dynaflow systems are among the best for durability and recharge rate. These are great air systems. The Dynaflow is light and compact and people are crazy about it. It has easily adjustable output and excellent on/off. Still the best think in it is […]

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Category 5 Products Concussion Nitrogen System


The best thing about this tank is really it’s price. You can get the thing for about $50 and compared to the other systems out there this is extremely cheap. The tank has other things that I can put as an advantage. Too. Like consistent output pressure, nice balance to the gun and the fact […]

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ANS Carbon Fiber High Pressure Tank


The 68/4500 HPA tank from ANS is one very light and dependable tank. Actually I think you will be hard pressed to find a lighter bottle on the market right now. It is very consistent and reliable. It’s greatly balanced. It just makes the gun sits perfectly, even with the center of gravity at the […]

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Airgun Designs Flatline Air System


You’ll simply love this thing. The entire system is greatly balanced and will work well with just about any marker out there. It has one of the fastest recharge rates I know of so I’m pretty sure it will fit well with the fastest guns on the market. This tank can simply keep up with […]

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Air America THE REG


This tank does not represent the quality we’re used to when talking about Air America’s products. The Reg is pretty much one big disappointment to everybody that purchased it. If there’s something that can go wrong with it, be sure that it will. But let’s start with it being heavy and kinda bulky. Consistency is […]

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Air America ScrewN Air System


This tank is capable of keeping up with most of the guns out there and I think you’ll like it very much. It’s not that small, but it’s very light. The regulator is pretty consistant so I don’t think you’ll have any problems with it. One think I know you’ll love is the easily removed […]

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Air America Armageddon Air System


Another great Air America product – the Armageddon. Most of the people that use it rate this tank very high. And there are many reasons for that. For instance – the thing is really light and it keeps a good balance on your gun. It’s totally reliable as far as consistency of pressure goes. It […]

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Air America Apocalypse 2K Air System


Now, this is a system you do want to get if you can spend that $350 asked for it. And it is totally worth that money, trust me. It’s one of the highly rated air systems on the market right now. If you have a gun that really eats air the Apocalypse 2K is your […]

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ACI Bulldog III Air System


The ACI Bulldog III is not the most preferable air system out there. Many people find it very problematic and even dangerous sometimes. The good thing about it is that it’s not a CO2. It’s also at pretty good price considering the rest of the choice. I don’t know if I can put small in […]

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