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White Wolf Airsmithing Justice Barrel


  I’m not too familiar with the White Wolf Airsmithing Justice Barrel, but of what I hear it is an excellent alternative to the Smart Parts barrels when using freak inserts. You know what the deal with the inserts is – you get great versatility when it comes to bore sizes. What’s great about this […]

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Warped Sportz Lucky 15 Barrel Kit


  Whoever owns this barrel kit will tell you that it’s nothing but great. For those of you who don’t like one piece barrel – this is not the kit for you, but for those on the opposite opinion – keep reading. What you’ll get if you choose this kit are 3 one piece barrels […]

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Viewloader VL Barrel


I’m not too fond of the Viewloader VL Barrel. It has some qualities worth mentioning, but overall I suggest you look for something else. It somewhat nice looking, but of course that’s a matter of personal taste. Some people hate the shiny silver part as it gives out your position easily. The performance level is […]

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UPZ UPZ Gladius Barrel


The UPZ Gladius is one of the cheaper barrels on the barrel market. It costs only about $20, but is actually pretty good when it comes to performing. Sure, there are way better barrels out there, but for a price like that you can’t really expect the best. Let’s start with the looks – in […]

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Titanium Paintball Longbow Barrel System


Most of the same priced barrel systems I’ve reviewed so far have been very similar to each other – having pretty much the same advantages and disadvantages. Now it’s time for something different – the Longbow. What makes it different from the others is the so called Hardbore finish. All the other barrels on the […]

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Tippmann Werks Barrel


For the Tippmann owners that can’t afford any of the Flatline systems, or just don’ like their looks, Tippmann made the Werks. The Works is a normal barrel system coming at a medium price and performing pretty well for the money. The barrel shoots accurate, it’s fairly light and although it’s not the quietest out […]

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Tippmann Sniper Barrel


The Tippmann Sniper Barrel – I can’t really call it a sniper barrel since it is only 12in long, but hey that’s its name. It’s one of the cheaper Tippmann products, but as usual cheaper means not very good. I’m really not impresses with this thing. You’ll read all kind of praises about it, but […]

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Tippmann Custom 98 Flatline Barrel


The advantages of the Flatline System for the M98 Custom will far outweigh the disadvantages for most recreational players. We already went through the things you get from a Flatline barrel in comparison to a normal barrel, but for those who haven’t read the previous review here they are again. First of you get more […]

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Tippmann A-5 Flatline Barrel


Tippmann reviews are gonna be a challenge for me, because I’m not a big fan, but I’ll try and stay as objective as I can. I’ll start with the A-5 Flatline which is one of the most popular barrels out there. It’s also pretty controversial, having plenty of ups and downs, but overall people like […]

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Stryker Paintball Carbon Fiber Barrel


Yet another barrel I’m not too familiar with, but let’s give it a chance shall we. The thing goes at a price in the low end of the chart and unfortunately I can’t say its performance level is any higher. To make that clearer – the barrel costs $35 and performs just like a barrel […]

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Special Ops Paintball C-Series Barrels


Here’s another mid-range barrel that can grab your attention. The barrel is nicely made and looks awesome in my opinion. Performance-wise it’s as good as any other barrel in the same price range. It’s light, it shoots straight, it quiet. It cleans pretty well and quick after a break. Just shoot through it and you’ll […]

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Smart Parts Teardrop Barrels


What can I say about the Teardrop. Not that it’s bad, but it’s not really the greatest barrel you can end up with. There are many other low end barrel you can get that will perform and cause less problems that this one. It’s one nice looking barrel though and it has its good sides. […]

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Smart Parts Tactical Barrel


Smart Parts Tactical barrel is not for everyone. Speedball players can stop reading right about now. The thing comes in 20in length only and this can get in the way even for some of the scenario players. It takes some getting used to, but if the length doesn’t scare you why not consider getting it. […]

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Smart Parts Progressive Barrels


The Progressive barrel from Smart Parts also deserves your attention if you’re looking for a cheaper barrel to bye. It’s one piece, very nice looking and although there most certainly are better barrels out there it performs fairly good. It has good accuracy, it’s fairly quiet, pretty efficient and light weighted. Pretty much all you […]

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Smart Parts Linear Barrels


If you’re a Smart Parts fan, but can’t afford to get something from the more expensive stuff, I advise you to look at the Linear Barrel. The thing costs only $30, but based on its performance it can be easily priced for more. You get pretty good accuracy and quietness. The thing looks pretty good […]

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Smart Parts Freak Barrel


The Freak is another very, very popular barrel. Yet another Smart Parts product that people like very much. With its modular inserts you get great versatility to shoot whatever paint you want. The accuracy of the barrel is pretty good. It’s light and balances the gun very well. It looks good on the marker, at […]

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Smart Parts All American Barrels


And from one not so well known company to another that everyone has heard about. And what to say about the All American Barrel – it’s basically one of the most talked about barrels out there. It has its ups and downs, but its price to performance level has made it very popular among players. […]

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Sly Equipment Dual Carbon Barrels


Being a relatively new company on the market Sly is trying to establish their name and gain respect and trust in the products they’re making. I honestly admit that I’m not too familiar with their products, but of what I hear about their Dual Carbon Barrels they really deserve some consideration. The barrels are of […]

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SITE Inc. Stiffi Switch Barrel Kit


So here’s the Stiffi Kit if you prefer it over the single barrel. Again I won’t talk about performance as it’s just the same as with the Stiffi barrel – great. What you get from the kit is adaptability to any kind of paint you choose to use. You get 4 breeches (backs) and 1 […]

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SITE Inc. Stif-Stik


  If you’re a Stiffi fan, but want something different than the base single colored barrel you should get he Stif-Stik. Performance-wise the thing is no different than Stiffi, it’s just the looks that make it better (for some of course…others will prefer the base colors). The Stif-Stik line is a patent-pending process where colors […]

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