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Dangerous Power Guns

Dangerous Power Threshold

Here comes the next Dangerous Power “must definitely consider” marker. I know I’m making it harder on you with those “all good and no disadvantages” reviews, but I just can’t call the white black. The Threshold is yet another great marker with its sexy looks and amazing performance. Not to mention at an incredible price […]

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Dangerous Power G3

I was a bit skeptical when I saw the $300 price tag on the DP G3 marker so I won’t judge, if you felt the same, but let me tell you – this thing does a great job out there on the field. I won’t claim it’s the best marker out there, but you sure […]

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Dangerous Power F8 Fusion

The first thing you’ll notice with the Dangerous Power F8 Fusion is its perfect milling. Not one mill mark, scratch or dimple. It’s absolutely flawless down to the smallest detail. It’s a beautiful gun and I don’t think anyone will dare to disagree with that. The marker is sleek, small and very well designed. It’s […]

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Dangerous Power Fusion – Black, Red, Blue and Gray


Dangerous Power are one of the best brands in the paintball makers field. From design to accuracy and performance brought at an affordable price, this is their top gun. If you plan to go into paintball for real you will sooner of later get acquainted with this gun and mark my words you’ll love it. […]

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