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Dye Matrix Guns

Dye DM9

The new DM9 is here and of course it’s better than its predecessors. Although it looks the same as DM8 it’s actually a little bit smaller. It has a new trigger (you can adjust it in many ways), new ball detents and new board. It’s also a little bit better when it comes to air […]

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Dye DM8 Paintball Gun


If you thought that the Dye DM7 was the best gun out there and that whatever Dye do they won’t be able to upgrade it, this is the time to tell you that you thought wrong. The new Dye gun is out and it is inheriting the name – DM8. And, yes, they’ve found a […]

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Dye DM7 Paintball Gun


The DM7 is the best product of the DMC Company and probably the best gun that is on the market in the moment. I guess that’s the reason the company to try and develop it as much as possible. The gun comes in many different colors like Black Dust, Black to Blue Dust Fade, Black […]

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Dye Matrix DMC Paintball Gun


The features of this paintball gun speak for itself. Its fast, it’s steady and it’s definitely a great product that delivers awesome results. With it you can shoot from every position and it won’t cause any problems. The price is something that can bother some of you but hey take a look at the features […]

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Dye DM5 Paintball Gun – Black / Blue Dust


This gun is said to be the steadiest and fastest shooting one out there. It’s extremely steady and strong and unless you don’t maintain it properly it’s never gonna break down on you. But even if it did or if you have any other trouble with it “DYE” has the best customer support. Check out […]

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