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Viewloader eVLution II


I’m sure you’ve guessed already that this is the bigger brother of the eVLution 3. Fact is that the two don’t differ that much from each other (design and performance), but yet again the eVLution 3 is newer and slightly upgraded. If you have to choose between the two of them I say go for […]

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Viewloader eVLution 3


There’s quite a collection of Viewloaders we’re about to review, but I thought it’s gonna be nice to start with probably the best of it. The eVLution 3 is one of the Viewloader’s highly rated markers and there’s a reason for that. It’s not that it’s the most technologically advanced marker out there, but it’s […]

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Turbo Paintball Active Response Feeder


This is a hopper for anyone that doesn’t like using batteries or electronics. It’s one very light hopper that can hold a fair amount of paint – 200+ balls. It’s also pretty cheap as it costs around $35. And that’s pretty much all the good things we can say about it. From here all the […]

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Odyssey Halo TSA LCD


Here’s the other Odyssey option you have for a loader. The Halo TSA LCD is a regular agitating hopper, which means no force feed. It features “Tilt Sound Activation” which means that there are no pesky eyes to get dirty or fail. It also can detect which way the hopper is tilting, and adjust its […]

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Odyssey HALO B


It’s time for the so talked about Halo B to be reviewed. The thing really deserves admirations as it is said to be one of the best and most reliable loaders out there and it stands for its name 100%. You not only get speed (35+ is a little bit exaggerated, but I think the […]

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Kingman Spyder FASTA 18v LCD


The Kingman Spyder FASTA is pretty much a good loader of what I hear. But it does have it downsides, too. People describe it as very fast although the fare bps rate would be around 25 and not 30+ as advertised. Still that’s pretty good. It’s also really light so if weight is an issue […]

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Empire Magna-Drive


So here’s a loader for you that’s even better than the previously reviewed Draxus Pulse. It’s a little bit more expensive, yes, but if you can spend those extra $30 this should definitely be your choice. It’s a great looking loader…it’s a little on the big side, but has great sleek design and actually manages […]

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DraXxuS Pulse Loader Reviews

We’ll make a huge jump from the super cheap to the super expensive loaders with the review for the Draxus Pulse Loader. The thing is priced around $150 and it’s not something anyone can afford. But for those who can and hesitate whether to buy it or not, keep reading. The common opinion about this […]

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Brass Eagle Pocket Hopper

I know it’s a Brass Eagle, but still I’ll review this thingy. It’s again one of the cheapest hoppers you can find on the market right now and again you get what you pay for. Starting with the good things (yes, there are one or two of them), first of all the Pocket Hopper is […]

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Avalon Spinloader E-tron 130 Round Hopper


Don’t be fooled – the E-tron in the name of this hopper has nothing to do with the fact that it’s electronic or something. The thing is nothing but gravity fed and this is just another company trick of attracting customers. Actually judging by the performance of the Avalon Spinloader E-Tron tricking you is probably […]

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Archon Paintball Tacamo Hopper


  Yes, it’s another gravity fed hopper, but this one is a lot better than the previous one reviewed. The price is somewhat the same. You can get the thing for around $5and I don’t know how Archon did it, but their product can’t even be compared to the Allen Paintballs. It’s not that it’s […]

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Allen Paintball 240 Round Hopper


We’re gonna start the hoppers reviews with probably the worst one out there, but anyway you have to know about it so you can avoid it. There’re really not that much good things to be said about the Allen Paintball 240 Round Hopper except maybe that’s capable of holding 240 rounds and that it’s extremely […]

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