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Zap Mach 404


The Zap Mach 404 is an agitated hopper that works on sound activation. I would really recommend it for rec or entry level tourney players. It’s not the fastest one out there, but you can get it up to 12pbs. It’s also pretty light, very easy to maintain and clean. The best thing in it […]

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Viewloader VLocity Paintball Loader


The Viewloader VLocity Loader will be the last one of the Viewloader saga, but what and end it is. This is one highly appreciated loader. People just seem to love it. It is extremely light (probably the lightest of all the electronic loaders out there), it’s big (in the good way as it holds 200 […]

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Viewloader VLocity Jr.


This loader is actually pretty nice looking one. But yet again the looks are not that important, right? When it comes to performance, the VLocity Jr. is just as good as it looks. It’s one well appreciated loader and players always rate it very high. There’s a reason for that of course – the thingy […]

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Viewloader VL Eye Force


The VL Eye Force can’t really charm you with its looks, but compensates that really well with performance. The thing is fast (at least fast enough for many of the players out there). It absolutely gets the advertized 20 bps. It holds up to 200 balls, but as with many others you may not want […]

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Viewloader VL 200


The VL 200 is the cheap baby of the Viewloader Company. You can get the thingy for no more than $8, but I think even if it was pricier it would still be worthy. Now, you realize that speed is not something to be expected from an $8 hopper, and that’s exactly the case. You […]

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Viewloader Viewloader XSV Vlocity Paintball Loader


The Viewloader XSV Vlocity loader is pretty much what we can call the biggest disappointment from the Viewloader Company. With the listed features below you should expect it to be one of the best loaders out there. 27 bps (the correct rate btw), 180 ball capacity, light, silent and coming with batteries and chargers included. […]

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Tippmann Triumph SSL-200


So from the two Tippmann loaders I’m showing you this really is the better loader to get. And yes, they may look alike but the difference is quite significant. First of all the rate of fire here jumps to 15 bps compared to the almost 10 for the AL-200. Also the thing has the Bend […]

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Tippmann Triumph AL-200


The Triumph AL-200 will be the first out of the two Tippmann loaders to be reviewed. The AL-200 is the cheaper and as it usually is with loaders and hoppers, the worse one out of the two. But it still has something to show, so I thought it would be a mistake to skip it. […]

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Viewloader Tripod


So the Tripod looks like a normal Viewloader hopper and it’s pretty much what it is. There’s one thing special in it though – the loader itself comes with a 200 count pod, but in addition to that you may also get 140 count and 300 count pods and change them whenever you decide. A […]

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Viewloader Revolution Force Loader


So the next one out of the Viewloader family is the Revolution Force Loader. Believe it or not this thing has some qualities you should know about even though you may think it’s a cheap piece of technology. So for those $30 you’ll have to pay for it you do get the promised 18 bps. […]

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Viewloader Quantum


So the Quantum is pretty much the disappointment in the Viewloader family. The thingy comes cheap – around $30 – but sometimes cheap is so not enough to attract people to get it. So when it comes to performance the Quantum is a full disappointment. First of it feeds the miserable 8bps (for a $30 […]

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Viewloader Eye-force


So if you’re not too keen on the egg shape of the other Viewloader loaders this may be the solution for you. The Eye-Force not only looks different it also differs in performance – both in a good and in a bad way. The thing is capable of holding about 200 balls which is pretty […]

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Ricochet 2K Ricochet-2k Hopper


The last of the Ricochet series is the Ricochet 2K. The thing is somewhat a good hopper and if you’re running a semi marker, this is the loader for you. It’s capable of around 12 bps which is pretty much the rate of all the Ricochets reviewed. It has the same design and we already […]

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Ricochet 2K Ricochet G2K


The G2K is a gravity fed hopper, but one that people like very much. It is very strongly made and although it doesn’t look awesome (that’s my own personal opinion) at least it does the work it’s supposed to.  It too have the specific Ricochet shape and although it’s not always of a help there […]

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Ricochet 2K Ricochet AK UV


  So the Ricochet AK UV is pretty much the same gun like the Ricochet AK only made especially for “glow in the dark” paintballs. It’s the same situation as the Empire Reloader B and the Reloader B Night Loader, just this time the guns differ a little it of each other. Don’t get me […]

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Ricochet 2K – Ricochet AK


We’ll go through the most popular Ricochet loaders available starting with the Ricochet AK. The AK loader is actually very efficient for what it is, as it feeds around 12 a second with a small +/- variable. It works only off of a 9 volt which makes it lighter than he other loaders of the […]

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