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Paintball Backpacks

Empire XLT Gear Bag


The Empire XLT is really the hugest gear bag I have seen so far. It can probably fit twice your gear and there might be some more room left in it. Seriously – it huge. It has big main compartment and plenty of pockets with some additional pockets in them. It’s really nicely made – […]

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Empire Unity Crosstrainer SE Duffle Bag


So, duffel bags may not be the most comfortable ones, but they sure are the most effective when it comes to carrying a ton of things. So if the Rogue Backpack is a good choice if you don’t have a lot of stuff to carry the Unity Crosstrainer SE Duffle Bag is exactly the opposite. […]

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Empire Rogue Backpack


The first thing you’ll notice if you’ve checked website offers for the Empire Rogue Backpack is that there’s no description to go with it – no specifications or features. I find that a bit strange, especially since it’s not one of the cheapest backpacks out there. Anyway I can still give you my opinion on […]

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Empire Heater Backpack


The Empire Heater is a pretty good backpack. Especially for the money it’s priced. You can get it for about $55 which in the world of paintball backpacks is really not so expensive. Can you find something better – certainly, but you have to be willing to pay the price for it. The Heater is […]

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Dye Trainer


Those of you who don’t like the backpack style can chose something like the Trainer for instance. It is duffel style bag, again big enough to fit most of your gear and very practical. The Dye Trainer has thick Velcro handle and reinforced stitching all around, making it very durable and safe to carry around. […]

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Dye – The Explorer 2006


Even though it’s a 2006 model the Dye Explorer will cost you quite a sum. It keeps its price high, but the qualities of the bag totally justify it. It’s a beautiful looking bag, huge and very practical. There’s plenty of room for your gear and more. It has many, many pockets for storing wallets […]

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Dye Navigator 2008


If you have some more money to spend take a look at this next bag option. The Dye Navigator 2008 is certainly not for everyone, but absolutely a great product. It’s practically two bags that clip together with 4 large, adjustable clips and can be hauled around as one. The first bag is pretty much […]

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Dye – Dye Ranger 08 backpack


We went through almost all the possible paintball gear out there and as you can see it’s quite a luggage to carry around. And sure you can use any regular bag or something, but it’s always a plus to have some more options. And there are. Starting with Dye Ranger 08 Backpack. That’s a pretty […]

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