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Paintball sights

TASCO 30mm Red Dot


TASCO Red Dot is also a nice buy. The scope is not too expensive, and I’m sure you’ll like it. It has pretty large field of view and a nicely visible red dot. There are 11 brightness settings for the red dot making it usable in every lighting condition. The scope is durable and won’t […]

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OPSGEAR Fast on Target (FOT) Sight


The FOT Sight is a bit different than the others reviewed till now. It’s nothing more than two ghost rings which when aligned provide target acquisition. It’s simple, but works perfectly. It doesn’t require batteries and doesn’t have lenses. The sight is all metal and extremely durable. It’s practically indestructible. It’s very light and also […]

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Dye Izon Red Dot Sight


You know my opinion on Dye products. There’s rarely something that will disappoint me. Unfortunately the Dye Izon is one of those products. Not that it’s a bad sight, but if I have to compare it to the Armson ProDot, the ProDot will totally outshine it. The Izon is an occluded eye sight just like […]

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Daisy Max View Electronic Point Sight


If you want a really cheap sight that in the same time won’t cause you many problems this may be the one for you. Sure, it’s not the best one on the market and it has its flaws, but for the money it comes they’re worth ignoring. I’ll start with the positives – the biggest […]

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Crosman Red Dot Site


The biggest advantage of the Crosman Red Dot Site is that it comes with a very low price tag. Overall it’s not a bad sight. It’s lightweight, you get plenty of field view, there’s no glare, it’s easy to adjust and zero, it also stays on the marker very secure. It’s a nice looking sight, […]

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BSA Optics PMRS Sight


The PMRS wouldn’t be my first BSA Optics choice. It has its advantages, but in my opinion it’s not really worthy the price asked. It does have lower profile than BSA 30mm RD Sight (for those of you concerned about the size). It’s more compact and really nice looking. It also has four different reticules […]

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BSA Optics 50mm Red Dot Sight


If you didn’t like the BSA Optics 30mm Red Dot Scope, because it is big, just skip this review and move on to the next one. For those who don’t mind the size you’re gonna love the BSA Optics 50mm Red Dot Sight. It is just as great as the BSA Optics 30mm Red Dot […]

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BSA Optics 30mm Red Dot Scope


  The BSA Optics 30mm Red Dot Scope gets really good reviews. People like it very much and are pleased with its performance. The sight is very durable and you don’t have to worry about breaking even if you take a direct hit on it. It has a pretty large field of view and even […]

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Armson ProDot Sight


The only difference between the ProDot and the ProDot Max Duty is in the design. As far as characteristics go this sight is just as great. It’s extremely durable as it is manufactured from aluminum (except for the front optic, which is a very tough plastic, and the rear optic, which is a glass lens). […]

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Adco Swifty Sight


The Swifty is slightly different than the other sights out there. With it you don’t see a glowing red dot floating on your target. What you see is a flat black plastic with a red dot in it. Being designed that way the sight requires you to look though it with both eyes open, then […]

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Adco Sure Shot Red Dot Sight


The sure Shot is said to be same as the Hot Shot, only closed tube style, but in my opinion it’s so much better. They cost pretty much the same, but there’s no doubt which one is better. The Sure Shot is pretty easy to set up and adjust and it really approves your accuracy. […]

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Adco Imp Red Dot Sight


Will it be enough if I say I prefer the Hot Shot before the IMP. I really don’t want to go through all of the downsides again. It’s easy with the advantages – they’re not so many of them – the thing looks nice and is easy to install, other than that it’s all flaws […]

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Adco Hot Shot Red Dot Sight


The Adco Hot Shot is also on the cheap side, but it’s certainly not my favorite sight out there. It has some advantages, but it has even more downsides so I don’t really recommend it to you. Anyway the good things are that it is pretty compact and looks very nice on the gun. It […]

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Adco E-Dot


If money is not a problem, here’s another Adco Sight that may interest you. The E-Dot is so much better than the Champ Red Dot. For starters, it’s very durable. Don’t worry that it will break – it can take direct hits without any problems. Also there are many different settings of brightness which makes […]

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Adco Champ Red Dot Sight


Sights are an optional feature that not everybody likes, but for those who do and who are looking for ones, we’ll give you some of the newest, the best and the cheapest options. Also we’ll warn you about the not so worthy ones so make sure you read as many reviews as possible. Many of […]

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