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Dynasty Dynamic Paintballs


  Dynasty Dynamic is another great paint by Dynasty Company. There are other paints available, but this is gonna be the last one of this brand to be reviewed. Just like the Dragon this paint is near perfection, but not quite as good. Again the main problems are the price and the difficulty in finding. […]

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Dynasty Dragon Paintballs


Dynasty Dragon is one of the priciest paint on the market.  With price varying between $70 and $80 for 2000 count it’s not something everyone can afford. Still, I’m sure I’ve mentioned that before – with paintballs, price do determine quality. So when paying a lot of money for paintballs, you know you’re getting a […]

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Nelson EKG Paintballs


Those are fairly new in the Nelson arsenal. For now they’re keeping somewhat high price, but I’m pretty sure it will drop once some time passes. For now you can find them around $45 and $55 and this is probably gonna be the only time I advise you to wait before get the paint for […]

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Nelson Gold Medal Series Paintballs


Gold medal paintballs are one of the fairly cheap Nelson paintballs. They’re kinda hard to find, but if you do some searching there are places that sell them .the price is about 35 bucks which is a pretty good deal. The paint is good too. Contrary to the Special Forces here you have plenty of […]

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Nelson Special Forces Paintballs


Special Forces paint is again one of the good Nelson products. It doesn’t get perfect reviews, but that’s not because it’s not good paint. There are other reasons, like its price for instance – 2000 count of those can vary from $45 to $70 depending where you’re getting it from. Fact is that there are […]

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Nelson Hemorrhage Paintballs


Again one of the good Nelson paints – not the best, the good. Many people like the Hemorrhage and there’s why. It’s really a decent paint to get although with its price around $40 I suggest you get the Precision. But this one should not be skipped as a try too. The potential problems you’ll […]

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Nelson Precision Paintballs


  Remember when I told you that Nelson Anarchy is one of the best Nelson paintballs? Well this is on of the other bests. Nelson Precision not only performs great, but s also cheap which is not something you find too often when speaking about paintballs. The Precision costs around $35 for 2000 count. You’ll […]

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Nelson Challenger Paintballs


Nelson Challenger is a paint that gets over the middle scores for performance. It’s definitely not the best Nelson paint, but there are worse from that same brand. Overall the paint acts pretty well. There’s not one complain about dimpled or misshaped balls, about crappy fill or shell. On the contrary people are very happy […]

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Nelson Whack Paintballs


Nelson Whack is somewhat a repetition to the Hot Spot. Although they differ a little it’s not by much. The Whack is also one of the cheap paints. They’re sold for $35 for 2000 count, which is just a little bit pricier than the Hot Spot and a tiny bit cheaper than the Nel-Splat. Of […]

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Nelson Nel-Splat Paintballs


This is the paint from the same brand that you should choose over the Hot Spot. It’s a little bit pricier – 5 to 8 bucks (of total $35 to $38), but it will definitely be more satisfying than the previous one mentioned. Many of the Hot Spot flaws have been corrected, but there are […]

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Nelson Hot Spot Paintballs


So those are some of the crappier Nelson paintballs and you’re probably thinking why I am reviewing them – because they have their strengths. Overall those are some inconsistent paintballs. They have pretty thick shell which can be both good and bad – good because you rarely get barrel breaks, but with the shell thick […]

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Nelson Anarchy Paintballs


There are many choices that you can make when talking about Nelson Company’s paintballs. Right now I’m reviewing the best one among them. No, seriously, there might be one or two other Nelson paintballs that are somewhere near as quality, but the Anarchy is definitely the leader. There are very few complains about this paint […]

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Worr Addiction Paintballs


If the Perfection is the best Worr paint out there the Addiction should be the worst…or if not the worst certainly somewhere between them. Yes, it has its strengths like being cheap and hard shelled, but they can easily be turned into weaknesses. The paint is indeed cheap – you can find it for around […]

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Worr Perfection Paintballs


Now this is some good paint coming from Worr Company. I can’t say that there are absolutely no complains about it, but those that are can’t be considered too big ones. Overall the paint gets perfect ratings and there’s a reason why. It pretty much does everything that it’s supposed to do and performs in […]

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Worr Domination Paintballs


  Worr Domination is usually rated above average paint. If you ask me I put it somewhere right in the middle. It has its strong sides, but it definitely has its weak ones, too. Starting with the good – this paintballs can be used with almost every barrel out there, but if you use a […]

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Proto Darts Paintballs


Proto is known for its impressive line of markers, apparel, masks, and other marker accessories, but only recently, they have come out with a paintball model. Being a division of Dye, you know that it is a great company, but is their one and only paint – The Darts – standing up to their name. […]

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PMI/RPS Marballizer Paintballs


After the previous 3 paintballs reviewed that were mostly rec ball and practice recommended, here’s a paint that can be used in absolutely every paintball situation you can think off – premium tourney or speed ball, or scenario games, woods ball, rec ball…everything. This is probably the most used paint ever – for a reason […]

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PMI/RPS Premium Paintballs


Some players argue that this is somehow good tourney paint, but my advice to you is to use mostly for practice and rec ball. It’s good enough for that, but it just can’t seem to get the tourney level. Still it is a paint you should try at least once. It’s definitely better than the […]

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PMI/RPS Rampage Paintballs


Just another very inconsistent paint. Remember that one exception I was telling you about in one of the previous reviews? This is it for the RPS. They’re known for making good paintball products, this one though is more on the weak side. Now, for the money – around $35 for 2000 count (around $10 for […]

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PMI/RPS Stinger Paintballs


The PMI Stinger are paintballs mostly for rec ball and practice, but they’re away of being called tourney. Overall they’re good paintballs, but they have their ups and downs. Players find them very accurate even in moments when they’re a little dimpled. They have a nice bright fill that stains just enough not to be […]

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