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Evil MidEvil Paintballs


  This is the other Evil paint that we’re gonna talk about. Again it’s a good Evil paint, just not quite as good as the Evil Ultra. I’m gonna compare only the two of them and tell you where I think the differences are. I personally find two differences – in the fill and in […]

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Evil Ultra Paintballs


Here’s the next brand of tourney paintballs – Evil with their probably best product the Evil Ultra paintballs. It’s a paint well respected among the players and it really deserves it. The only weak spot that you’ll find in this paint is probably its price. It’s not a cheap one…depending on the place you’re getting […]

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Brass Eagle Afterburner Paintballs


This is gonna be the one and only Brass Eagle paint that I’m gonna review and I do it mostly to warn you to stay away from it. To be fair I have to say that if you only intend to play around or just practice (although if you practice with this paint the moment […]

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Empire Fuel Paintball


And if the Empire Bullets is the paint that brings the Empire brand name down the Fuel is the one that restores the trust so many people have in it. This is probably the best paint Empire ever made. There’s simply nothing to point at that’s on the bad side…beside maybe the price. Yes it’s […]

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Empire Bullets Paintballs


Most of the Empire paintballs reviews are and will be pretty positive ones. There’s a reason for that of course – the products, but there’s always that one that brings the brand name down. In the Empire paintball section this should be the Bullets. Not that this is a bad paint…actually half of the players […]

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Empire Inertia Paintballs


We’re moving on with the Empire paintballs. After reviewing the Engage and the Ramp ones, it’s time for the Inertia. Inertia is said to be tourney paint and in most of the time it does its job perfectly. Of course, as with every other paint, flaws can occur if it is old or improperly stored, […]

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Diablo Inferno Paintballs


The Inferno paintballs are by far one of the best Diablo paintballs. They do come at a pretty high price – around $60.00 for 2000 count – but unlike the Blaze they totally deserve it. Inferno fuels more top Amateur A, B, and Scenario Teams, plus many of the fastest guns in the Pro ranks. […]

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Diablo Blaze Paintballs


The Blaze paintballs are one of the pricier Diablo paintballs. They’re somehow better than many of the previous Diablo products mentioned, but not quite deserving the price they’re labeled. Yes they’re accurate and least likely to break in your barrel, but the weather conditions problem stays. Once it gets cold out there you can say […]

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Diablo Dusk Paintballs


Diablo Dusk paintballs are again one of the good Diablo products. There are things to be said both on the good and bad side, but I put them in-between the good paintballs on the market. One of the best things when talking about those is their availability. You can find the Dusk in almost every […]

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Diablo Formula 13 Paintballs 2000 Count


Contrary to the Diablo Crush the Formula 13 gets pretty steady reviews and mostly on the good side. Diablo’s always been a respectful name when it gomes to paintball goodies and I don’t know what went wrong with the Crush and the Heat paintballs. Still the Formula 13 clears their name for as much as […]

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Diablo Crush Paintballs 2000 rounds


The next Diablo option you get is the Crush…the whole review of those paintballs can be gathered in only one word – inconsistent. Why? Because when getting a case of Crush paintballs you don’t really know what you’re gonna end up with. The player’s reviews of this product vary from one end to another. You […]

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Diablo Heat Paintballs 2000 Count


So you’ve got almost all the gear – the pants, the jersey, the gloves, the mask and the gun…overall you’re all set for the game. Except now you have to choose the paintballs that you’re gonna be playing with. I mean for sure you can’t skip that part, right. There are many paintballs you can […]

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