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Planet Eclipse Guns

Planet Eclipse Etek2 08 Paintball Gun


  This is a new version of the so popular Planet Eclipse Ego Etek and it sure deserves your attention. It’s smaller, lighter and performs better than its predecessors. The BPS capability is up and you know that’s always a plus. There are so many new things in it that you can’t really say it […]

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Planet Eclipse 2008 Origin Ego Paintball Gun


  The origin Ego 2008 is basically just the same like the Ego 08, but with some extras added. Even if you check the features you’ll find absolutely no differences between the guns. What’s different here is that Planet Eclipse added – 3 piece barrel kit and 2 additional barrel tips. It’s nice to have […]

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Planet Eclipse 08 Ego Paintball Gun


Another quite surprising gun upgrade. I really believed that the Ego 07 was a perfect gun, yet Planet Eclipse managed to upgrade it. And believe it or not there’s a significant difference between the Ego 07 and the new Ego 2008 Origin. This one’s even lighter (I guess it really is possible), has absolutely no […]

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Planet Eclipse Ego Etek 06 Paintball Gun


Another Planet Eclipse creation the Ego Etek comes on a much more affordable price than the other products of this company. Let’s say it…it comes on half the price of the other markers and of course there’s a reason for that. Not that the gun is not good. It has some great features and is […]

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Planet Eclipse 07 Ego Paintball Gun


Probably of all Planet Eclipse guns the Ego 07 is the greatest one…the others are amazing but this one tops them all. It’s simply beautiful. And with its weight of 941g is probably the lightest gun on the market right now. It’s also extremely thin only 26mm which you have to admit is pretty impressive. […]

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Eclipse Ego 06 Paintball Gun – Gunmetal Free Blue Reloader B


  The gun comes with a ton full of features. And if you’re looking for a really great tournament paintball marker you should definitely consider the Ego 06. The gun is really steady, ball on ball fast, has great efficiency, and is really accurate. If those things are not enough to convince you there’s another […]

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