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Empire 08 Ground Pounder Pro Slider Pants


So for those of you who think shorts and paintball pants on top of them are not enough for the protection they want the Empire came up with the Empire 08 Ground Pounder Pro Slider Pants. Those are again designed to be worn underneath paintball pants only they cover bigger area of your body. Beside […]

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Empire 2008 Ground Pounder SE Paintball Slide Shorts


There’s no place for comparison between those and the JT pair reviewed, but when it comes to real comparison I definitely put Dye and Proto before the Empire (when talking about shorts of course). Yet again those are cheaper so that pretty much levels the scoring. I have to admit that for the price you’re […]

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Dye Men’s Paintball Slider Shorts


It’s only normal after the chest/back protectors we move to the lower body part protective gear. So we’re gonna talk about padded shorts and we’re gonna start with the ultimate ones out there – Dye Slider Shorts. Just like the chest protectors shorts are made to be worn underneath some kind of paintball pants and […]

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Maddog Designz Paintball Gun Chest Protector Vest


That’s the first out of three Maddog Designz chest protectors I’m about to show you. This one is the oldest version of them all, but it’s also the cheapest so I thought it’s worth showing it to you since not everybody can afford the expensive Proto or Empire. So this is one vest like chest […]

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Empire 08 Ground Pounder SE Pro Shirt


The Empire 08 Ground Pounder SE Pro Shirt is not exactly a chest protector. It has some padding on, but it’s designed to be worn extremely underneath a jersey. If you wear it underneath a sweater or something it’s not guaranteed that it’s gonna keep you safe from those nasty upper body hits. It’s made […]

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Maddog Designz 2008 Padded Chest Protector


So this is the second Maddog Designz chest protector and as you can see it’s the newest in their family. It’s definitely much better looking than the older one I showed you in the previous review. It’s also much more upgraded than it. This one is lighter and certainly more comfortable. Again it’s “one size […]

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Maddog Designz 2008 Pro Padded Chest Protector


  The last of the three Maddog Designz chest protectors I promised you is again a newcomer. The 2008 Pro Padded Chest Protector is something very different from all the other Maddog Chest protectors. They’ve decided to follow the big names in the paintball industry and turn the old looking “one size fits most” chest […]

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Empire Ground Pounder Chest Protector


  This is the first of two Empire Chest protectors I’ll be reviewing so you get to chose which one fits you best. I’m pretty sure I’ve already mentioned that the Empire chest protectors are basically the best ones on the market right now, so if that’s your pick you can be sure you’re making […]

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Kingman Body Shield Chest Protector


  The next chest protector on the line is the Kingman Body Shield. This is one of the cheaper chest protectors costing around $25-$30 depending on the place you’re getting it. If you don’t have the money for Proto or Empire this is a pretty good substitute. It’s a t-shirt like protector and unfortunately unlike […]

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Proto 07 Paintball Chest Protector


Before starting the review I want to emphasize on the fact that this is a chest protector and it’s meant to be worn under something – jersey is preferable. It’s not a full body cover so complains like “it needs some arms padding” won’t even be considered. When comparing the chest protectors on the market […]

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Redz Paintball Chest/Back Protector


We went through so many jerseys that were supposed to protect you from bruises when you get hit that you’ll probably think it’s unnecessary to talk about more upper body protection. The thing is not all of the jerseys are made to keep your chest and especially back protected, meaning that they have padding only […]

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