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Smart Parts

Smart Parts – Modify’d Shocker NXT

Shockers have always been known as solid guns and this one’s no difference. The only difference I find with the other Shockers is its looks. And I don’t mean the body’s different or something, I’m talking about the engravings. Its custom made by Modify’d and it really is a piece of art. Other than that […]

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Smart Parts SP-8 Scenario Paintball Gun


  The opinions about this gun differ from one end to the other. Contrary to all of the guns out there in the same situation this time it’s all because of the SP-8 looks. There’s no middle when it comes to that. People either like how the marker looks or they think it’s hideous. But […]

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Smart Parts Vibe Paintball Gun


The Vibe is another cheap gun from the Smart Parts newest editions. The marker has a 11 bps capacity and is definitely not the fastest or the most acurate gun out there, but it works great for most rec players. It’s also a great gun if you’re new to the sport. It’s really a nice […]

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Smart Parts SP1 Tactical Paintball Gun


The SP1 is one quality tactical marker for a low price. The gun is very strongly built and you rely on it not breaking down from a minor hit. It’s also pretty light and quiet. If you like military style you’ll be happy with the body of this gun. It’s pretty comfortable and easy to […]

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Smart Parts EOS Paintball Gun


The Smart Parts EOS is here as a replacement for the Epiphany and although it doesn’t differ that much it sure is a nice upgrade to it. The two guns are really very similar (I can add the Ion here, too as it also doesn’t differ that much), but there are some tiny things changed […]

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Smart Parts Dynasty Shocker NXT


  The Dynasty Shocker is basically the upgraded Vision shocker. There are barely any differences except in the body work and including all the upgrades we’ve already talked about. Overall it’s a great gun it’s again light, very quick and accurate and has little to no kick. It is very easy to maintain for most. […]

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Smart Parts Naughty Dog Shocker


  The gun is really well accepted among the paintball players. It gets pretty good reviews form almost everybody which should suggest that it somehow deserves them. And it does. The gun is fast and accurate but at the same time very light and steady. It’s also really quite and well balanced. You can easily […]

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Smart Parts 07 NXT Vision Shocker Paintball Gun


  When talking about Shocker guns the one and most important thing you have to know is that they do need more care time. You need to maintain them properly and most of all regularly and if you take good care of them they’ll certainly take good care of you. As to this particular gun […]

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Smart Parts Maddog Ion Aluminum Paintball Gun


  Yet another Ion gun … still as good as the others but notice the “aluminum” part in the headline. It’s serious. Ion finally moved into the next generation of paintball guns. So forget about all the plastic bodied guns. The Maddog Ion gives you an all new aluminum body look. I can only suppose […]

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Smart Parts 06 Ion MAX’D Paintball Gun


  So when you actually thought it can’t get any better with the Ion guns they pull this thing out. I now present you the upgraded version of the Ion Pro. Same gun on the inside but definitely better looking on the outside. And after all the things you know about the Ion about the […]

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Smart Parts Warrior SL Ion Paintball Gun


  Ok I don’t know what else to say about the Ion guns. It won’t be anything I haven’t said before in any of the other reviews. You either like the brand or you don’t. But as I’m one of those who like it and since I’m in charge with this review here’s somethink you […]

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Smart Parts Dynasty Ion Paintball Gun


  If we wanna keep this review short there’s only one thing to say…the dynasty ion is simply one really good gun. It’s basically a normal Ion but in a dynasty body. So if you like Ion guns this is something you don’t wanna miss for at least a try out. It looks really good […]

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06 Ion Pro Paintball Gun


  No matter how many reviews you read about this gun you won’t find anyone complaining about it. The gun is a real treasure. It has the standard Smart part features but is upgraded form the company that got rid of the most of the problems in the Ion gun. After the upgrade the gun […]

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Smart Parts Ion Paintball Gun


  If you are looking for a new marker, especially for woods ball and recreational speed ball, this is the one for you. It’s a cheap marker and you can’t expect it to be the best but for the price it goes it deserves to be considered. It’s pretty accurate and fast. It may be […]

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Epiphany Paintball Gun


  Most of the players compare this marker to an Ion saying that it’s just a well upgrade version. The thing is…they are pretty similar to each other but upgrading the Ion to the level of Epiphany is gonna cost you much more money than just buying the Epiphany itself. Why trouble yourself with that. […]

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