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Tiberius Arms

Tiberius Arms Tiberius 8 Pistol Paintball Gun


Now here’s something you must definitely have in your arsenal if you wanna call yourself a real player. The Tag 8 is one of the best paintball pistols out on the market. Some of it strengths are that it has really good air efficiency and its magazine system is definitely great. The mags are heavy […]

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Tiberius Arms T9 Covert Paintball Gun


The T9 Covert is the basic for the T9 Elite which means the Elite is the upgraded version of the Covert. And you already have the review for the T9 elite so I really don’t wanna bore you with details. The Tiberius Arms are nice markers as a whole, very steady and reliable. There’s not […]

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Tiberius Arms T9 Pro Paintball Gun


There’s nothing too much different to review here as this is the same gun as the T9 Ranger just Tiberius made some upgrades for you and save you the time to do it yourself. Overall the gun has the same advantages and disadvantages of the T9 Ranger so I’m not gonna repeat myself and I’ll […]

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Tiberius Arms T9 Ranger Paintball Gun


The T9 paintball Mag fed rifle from Tiberius Arms are the hottest gun to hit the market in a long time. It’s build in the USA and include two set ups one for clip fed (sniper) and one for hopper fed/remote (rifleman). The gun is extremely accurate to distances up to a 100 feet which […]

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Tiberius Arms T9 Elite Paintball Gun


When we talk about the T9 we should start with what makes it so unique and that is its ability to convert from pistol to rifle. The T9 is basically the TAC-8 with a hopper port and rails added to the pistol frame. Its dual purpose makes it really useful in any game and especially […]

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