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Worrgames Guns

Worrgames Synergy Equalizer Paintball Gun


And the last Worrgames newcomer we’re gonna present to you is the Synergy Equalizer. Of all three new additions this one’s the cheaper, and although we can’t claim it’s as good as the other two it sure doesn’t stay too much behind them. Just like the MG7 the Synergy Equalizer makes a great beginner’s gun. […]

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Worrgames MG-7 Paintball Gun


The MG7 is another newcomer in the Worrgames family. This time at a price we’re more used to when it comes to Worrgames markers. Well, it sure lacks many of the Autococker SR features, but for $200 you shouldn’t even be complaining. What you get is a small and light gun…just the way you like […]

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Worrgames Autococker SR Paintball Gun


The Autococker SR is one of the newest Worrgames markers and although it’s not that popular among players yet we’re pretty sure soon it will charm them. It sure is one beautifully looking marker, but looks are not everything. The gun performs just as great as it looks, too. It’s fast, light and accurate. It’s […]

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Worrgames Karnivor E2 Paintball Gun


There’s not really a sound reason that people don’t like the Karnivor as a gun but there’s no doubt that it is not the most popular and liked gun. I personally have no idea why people don’t like it. It‘s a really good gun – extremely light and beautifully made. I give it a 10 […]

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Worrgames Autococker Black Magic 05 Select Fire Paintball Gun


I’ll begin saying that this is a beautiful little autococker no matter how you look at it. It has an amazing design that will definitely bring attention to you when you get on the field. But the design is not its only strength. Unlike the previous Autocockers SF reviewed this one is extremely light and […]

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Worrgames Autococker Trilogy SF Pro Paintball Gun


Here’s another Autococker that gets all positive reviews. Of all the three Worrgames Autococker SF reviewed this is probably the crowd’s favorite. If the other two are claimed to be heavy this one gets a real light weight review. Again it’s as accurate as the all of the Worrgames markers. And it’s really fast. With […]

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Worrgames Autococker Trilogy SF Competition Paintball Gun


Here’s another of the latest WGP Autocockers. Not to much have changed compared to the previous editions but yes it’s a little bit better in some way. It has solid construction, easy maintenance, trouble free operation, and the legendary accuracy that’s expected out of an autococker, all gathered in a nicer looking package. Basically if […]

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Worrgames Autococker Trilogy SF Tactical Paintball Gun


What should we say about this Worrgames autococker that we haven’t said about the others yet? To tell you the truth there’s not too much difference. There are almost the same strengths and just a little bit more disadvantages maybe. It’s again extremely accurate gun and one that’s really gonna make you happy. It’s well […]

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Superstock 05 Autococker Paintball Guns


When introduced to the crowd in 05 this gun cost around 700 bucks and people were fighting to get one. Now the price is $164.99 and even if I tell you it is crap you should still go and get one. Still, it’s far, far away of being a crappy gun. Its biggest strength again […]

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Worrgames Autococker Pro Stock 2004 Paintball Gun


Fact is that the Autococker has been and still is one of the most accurate guns in the market. The 2004 edition is just as accurate as its predecessors. The gun is great looking with its sleek design and is extremely light too. It’s also really quite and has less to no kick. If you’re […]

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