Tippmann A-5 Response Trigger Paintball Gun Complete Silver Package


I’ll give you the features of the gun only because they are different form the A-5 and then in the next reviews it will only be package information. Again for no misunderstandings – the packages come with the gun included. So here are the gun’s features:

• Factory installed response trigger
• Patented Cyclone feed
• Caliber: .68
• Semi-automatic
• C02 or HPA Ready
• Magazine Capacity: 150+
• CO2 Capacity: 500+ shots per 9 oz. cylinder
• Cycle Rate: 15+ BPS
• Standard Barrel Length: 8.5 inches
• Length with barrel and no tank: 20.00 inches
• Effective Range: 150+ ft
The package is priced for $314.99 and features:
• 20 oz Tank with pin valve
• JT Radar or Gen-X Stealth Mask No Fog
• 4+1 Deluxe Paintball Harness
• 4 – Heavy Duty 140 Round Pods
• PhyscoBallistics Heavy Duty Jerk Squeegee
• Zephyr Paintball Barrel Condom
• Premium Spring Loaded Ammo Hopper 200ct
• Maddog Drool Oil

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