Tippmann A-5

Tippmann A-5

Tippmann paintball guns are probably the most talked about guns on the market…whatever you read about any other gun it’s in 80% of the time compared to some Tippmann gun. And of course there’s a reason for that. Tippmann markers are highly valuated in the paintball society. They’re known of being extremely reliable and well performing guns. And in many of the comparison cases the other guns simply don’t stand a chance. So, let’s talk about the A-5. It is a newer on the market but strongly defending its company’s name, and only by saying that reliability is the first thing that should come up in your mind. You can depend on the gun being always ready and won’t have to worry that it’s gonna leave you in the lurch. It’s extremely well build and no matter how often it happens for you to drop it or bang it somewhere you can be sure it won’t break. Another great thing is that it allows any kind of upgrades you can think of…the market’s full of array of stocks, barrels, shrouds, internals, grips and other modifications available for it. The only limit here depends on your cash abilities. There are some flaws I have to point out though…many of them may not seem important to you or you may not think of them as flows but it’s something you should know anyway. The problems start with the weight…the gun itself is pretty heavy and when adding all the upgrades you wanna add, be sure that it’s only gonna get heavier. And as the heaviness may not be the biggest problem for many of you the other thing I have to point out is that it’s also pretty unbalanced…so it may take some time to get used to it, but once you do it’s gonna feel alright. Another thing is the maintenance…now good thing is that you don’t have to clean the marker after every game but when you do…let’s say once every third game it’s gonna be a pain… there are four push pins and a half dozen or so machine screws that need to be removed, and there are several springs to come popping out on the unwary user…so make sure you read the manual first and take a good look on the maintenance part. And that’s not all…the things is pretty loud too. And I mean that…unfortunately. Also this particular gun comes with the standard trigger that has a relatively heavy trigger pull and gets around 4-6 bps on semi auto mode without modification. You can either chose to upgrade the trigger yourself or just check the other review for the already upgraded version. So as I said there are ups and downs but overall it’s really a good gun to have. And probably just being a Tippmann makes it worthy but being priced for $199.95 is not something you wanna miss out, too. This price is for the black version…if you wanna stand out with some other gun shade, get the camo version for $229.00. And mark my word here…there are many guns on the market that perform worse than this one but are totally overpriced – this one’s not.

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