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Air America Apocalypse 2K Air System


Now, this is a system you do want to get if you can spend that $350 asked for it. And it is totally worth that money, trust me. It’s one of the highly rated air systems on the market right now. If you have a gun that really eats air the Apocalypse 2K is your best choice. Everything with it works just great – the output pressure, the gauges, redesigned on/off valve that’s easier to use. It’s also super easy to rebuild. You won’t have any problems with air leaks or o rings or valves, or anything in that matter. It’s everything one air system should be. Here’s what the manufacturer has to say about it:

“The Apocalypse 2K is a single stage regulator; Micro Precision machined from a solid block of the toughest FAA approved “certified” Aircraft/Aerospace grade aluminum. Designed to accept input pressures up to 4500PSI and output pressure within the 200 to 1000 PSI range, the Apocalypse 2K is totally compatible with virtually all Paintball markers. The Apocalypse 2K features include; the Air America Limited Lifetime Warranty, tournament-level field maintenance, internally integrated on-off control, multiple input and output pressure safeties, ambidextrous input/output hose and gauge positioning, on-marker system fractional slide rail adjustment, severe service; “Made in the USA,” input and output gauges and a Military, Airline and Space program approved D.O.T. (United States Department of Transportation) approved composite wrapped pressure vessel.”

The only thing some people complain about is that it’s a little bit bulky and somewhat heavy. It is indeed a little big, but I wouldn’t exactly describe it like heavy. In fact it’s lighter than many of the similar systems on the market right now. You most certainly won’t regret getting the Apocalypse 2K. You have to pay the price for it, but it’s pretty much the best thing you can get.

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