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Air America THE REG


This tank does not represent the quality we’re used to when talking about Air America’s products. The Reg is pretty much one big disappointment to everybody that purchased it. If there’s something that can go wrong with it, be sure that it will. But let’s start with it being heavy and kinda bulky. Consistency is also something to be put as a downside – don’t rely on it. Then there are the leaks – at the gauge, at the fill nipple (fixable if tightened, but that’s not your job to do at first place), but then at the bottle o-ring and pin valve in the top is just too much. Did I mention the burst disks – mind that they seem to blow like crazy. Anyhow here’s what the manufacturers have to say about it:

“All stainless steel internals no skimping on the ole family recipe here. Unlike other manufacturers who chrome plate brass this baby is the real deal, STAINLESS STEEL. Lightweight aluminum alloy externals that have been hard coat anodized for extended life under the most severe conditions. High side AND low side safeties, that’s us giving you some lovin’ and watching your back. ALL fittings rated at 4500 psi working pressure. All this good stuff wrapped up tight on top of a current dated 68 cu fiber wrapped, 5-year rehydro tank.”

On top of everything said above let me add that all the internals are not Stainless Steel, the spring washers are actually steel and will rust out on you if your “Reg” gets wet…something you definitely don’t want to happen. As to the price…I can’t say it’s too high. You can find the thing for about $150, but with all the downsides why don’t you just spend those money on something better, it’s not like you don’t have a choice.

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