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Airgun Designs Flatline Air System


You’ll simply love this thing. The entire system is greatly balanced and will work well with just about any marker out there. It has one of the fastest recharge rates I know of so I’m pretty sure it will fit well with the fastest guns on the market. This tank can simply keep up with anything you want it to. Another great thing is that it has almost no shoot down. It is also very light and comes in three common sizes I know you’ll be happy with. The on/off valve is another thing to point out. It’s great. It’s very easy to turn on and off and also to adjust the pressure to the marker with the allen wrench. See the Flatline features:

•    EZ Turn On/Off valve (1/4 turn)
•     High and Low pressure mini gauges (1,200 psi & 4,000 psi)
•     Hardened Q-D male fill port with back check valve
•     Hardened Q-D male output
•     Adjusts from 0 to 1,200psi (best between 700 to 1200)
•     Includes drop forward on-gun mount (mounts to bottom of grip frame and also reverses to backward mount)
•     Crossfire blow-off disc assembly
•     Black Hardlube anodized aluminum construction
•     Easy to adjust Airgun Designs style regulator nut with Lock Ring.

What I don’t like about it is that it isn’t a screw in tank; it’s just a big pain to bust out tools every time you want to switch tanks on your guns…well, it’s not something to die from, but it’s still kinda irritating. Another thing is that it has a cradle, so it drops down and forward and even though it isn’t huge, it is just large enough for many players to get uncomfortable stance with it. Still if you can live with those things this is just the tank for you. And the fact that you can get it for about $210 is just another reason to consider it. It’s a good tank for a decent amount of money. If you can, go for it without hesitation.

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