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Category 5 Products Concussion Nitrogen System


The best thing about this tank is really it’s price. You can get the thing for about $50 and compared to the other systems out there this is extremely cheap. The tank has other things that I can put as an advantage. Too. Like consistent output pressure, nice balance to the gun and the fact that the reg is not long and the system doesn’t have an ugly huge gauge like some of the other manufacturers. It’s pretty nice looking tank if you ask me. See its features:


•    Low profile custom fill nipple with patent pending integrated filter and seal
5000 psi micro gauge
•    Durable aircraft aluminum construction with bright dip black anodizing
5000 psi rupture disc safety assembly
•    Easy disassembly for cleaning or rebuilding(no loctite on cap)
•    Stable and constant output at ~850 psi
•    Light weight 3000 psi operating pressure 47 Cubic Inch aluminum cylinder
•    Attractive cosmetic design
•    Urethane seals for durability and reliablity

This unit is designed to supply the most stable and consistant pressure and flow on the market. The patent pending design allows air to be filtered as it passes thru the fill nipple to prevent contamination from entering the working componants of the regulator. The easy disassembly of componants makes this system very simple to rebuild or clean as needed. The cosmetic appearance and attractive machining make this system stand out from the other products on the market.

On the downside – the tank is a little heavy but as I already said it balances the gun very good. Heavy is something to be expected, though. It’s not a big tank and with it you can get approx. 500-600 shots. That’s certainly not enough for many of you, but then if you don’t like big tanks or they just get on your way I think you’ll be very pleased with this one. The biggest disadvantage I find is that the thing may have air leaks even if it’s new. Most of the times it’s not something serious and can be fixed very easily (even by you, but I recommend taking it to someone that knows what they’re doing). The last thing you should know is that this tank scratches real easy, so you should definitely consider a cover for it. Anyway, besides all the disadvantages the thing is totally worth that $50. It’s worth even more if you ask me.

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