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CenterFlag Dynaflow Air System


Centerflag makes well engineered products and backs them with great support. The Dynaflow systems are among the best for durability and recharge rate. These are great air systems. The Dynaflow is light and compact and people are crazy about it. It has easily adjustable output and excellent on/off. Still the best think in it is that the gas forwards directly to the bottle instead of going through the internals of the regulator causing dirt, other objects and temperature changes of the internal parts. The info about it given by the manufacturer is not much, but you should know this is one great tank to have. Here’s the info:

“Adjustable regulator from CenterFlag products. Ingenious new valve design virtually eliminates shootdown. (patent applied for)”

There’s just one downside I can point out – Dynaflow’s are designed to increase the output pressure as the tank becomes low on air allowing the reg to maintain a fast recharge. This helps keep fps consistant during rapid fire with a low tank, but can cause increased fps over a one shot chrono on your way off the field. Better HPR regulation between the Dynaflow and the LPR may be needed for some markers to prevent fps increases on low tanks. Other than that the thing is amazing and you’ll love it. The prices of it vary, but you can get it new for about $350. It’s not cheap, but you know you’re getting one of the best systems on the market right now.

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