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Crossfire Air System


The Crossfire is probably the people’s favorite system. It just covers everything a player want from an air system. It’s really easy to use, just fill up the tank appropriately and then screw it into the ASA of your marker. The capacity is awesome. Consistency is not a problem. The thing is pretty light and very durable. It even looks good, but tank wouldn’t be such a bad idea. See what the given features are and we’ll move on:


•    850 psi fixed output
•    manufactured to CGA & ASTM
•    high flow design
•    lightning fast regulation when firing

So what we have above is pretty much the perfect air system, but the Crossfire has one more advantage before the others on the market – it’s cheap. Prices for it start at $95 for 47ci and are $169 for 68ci, $179 for 88ci and $189 for 114ci. I don’t think there’s a better deal than this one. I won’t say the thing is problem free. Just like with every other system leaks can occur, but everything is fixable and it sure won’t hurt as much as if you’re getting a leak from a $250 or up air system. The Crossfire deserves your attention, by all means. If you can’t afford something from the most expensive air systems, the Crossfire is the one to turn to.

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