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Worr Game Products Worr Gas Air Systems


Although people are not impressed by it I think this tank deserves some attention, mainly because of its price (for the 50 cubic inch aluminum tank). The thing is pretty consistent and there’s no drop off, but it’s really heavy. I would say it’s about as heavy and as big as a 20oz CO2 Tank (maybe just a little bit bigger). It’s way much better than a CO2 tank, though and you can usually get around 600 shots of it, before you need a refill. It looks solid, but keep in mind that it scratches easily, so you may wanna use a cover for it. So here’s the manufacturer’s description for it:

“WorrGas Air Systems by WGP are the most consistent high-flow systems ever! Featuring WGP’s own patent pending design that blows the competition away. What makes it so great? The thin, very light regulator that surpasses all others on the market in high-flow capabilities. They come in 3000 psi and 4500 psi tanks. Preset is available in 500 and 800 psi outputs. The adjustable has a dovetail mount, dual gauges, guard for the On/Off Valve. Both preset and adjustable are dual filtered and are available in aluminum fiber wrapped with either a stainless steel or titanium neck. You’ll love its light weight, small profile, and high-flow consistency.”

People don’t like it because it leaks a lot. Every second person that’s using it complains about leaks, so be warned before you get it. Also there are problems with the gauges…not every time, but there are.  I can call it unreliable, but considering it costs around $70 (again the 50 cubic inch aluminum tank is what I’m talking about) I still think it’s worth considering. If you really can’t afford to spend more money on a N2 tank, think about it. Who knows you may be lucky enough to get one that’s working flawlessly.

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