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32 Degrees Ice Cold Barrel


The other 32 Degrees barrel I want to show you is the Ice Cold. Believe it or not this barrel is said to be even better than the 32 Degrees Carbon Fiber one, but in my opinion it’s just as good and not really better  – don’t forget the gun you’re using and the barrel choices available for it out there are also of big importance. Anyway the Ice Cold is really a good barrel to have – it is very durable, plays good in cold, wet, dry, hot, or basically any kind of weather or playing circumstances. It’s fast, accurate, and extremely quiet, basically everything you need for a silent attack. You get to chose from 12 and 14 inch, which is good, because the longer the barrel, the more friction occurs between the barrel and the paintball, which brings the accuracy and speed level up, but on the other hand more air pressure is needed to force the paintball out of the barrel and you’ll be running out of air quickly. Anyway it’s a good thing to have and if you’re interested here’s the description for you:

“Made from high polished aluminum and then nickel plated, this air rifled, two piece quality barrel performs as great as it looks. Available in 12 and 14 inch lengths, there is an ICE COLD barrel for the Model 98, the Spyder and for Tippmann models.”

What people don’t like about it is that the chrome really stands out, so even if you are hidden well, you will still be seen. The thing also scratches, tarnishes, and stains really easily. If you can deal with that this is exactly the barrel for you. And the price is great too. You can find the thing for about $50 which is pretty cheap in the world of barrels. It’s a great buy, believe me. Not just because it’s cheap, but because it performs great. I dare to say it’s even better than some more expensive barrels on the market.

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