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32 Degrees Nyte Stikk Barrel


The Nyte Stick is pretty much as good as the previous two barrels reviewed. The performance is not as good, but the cheaper price tag compensates that quite well. The thing is again very quiet and although the accuracy is not the best you can get from the 32 Degrees products it is again pretty worthy barrel to buy. The Nyte Stick is very good looking barrel, but its design makes it kinda difficult to clean. It’s very durable though and also pretty consistent – something I’m sure you’ll appreciate. Here’s the description for it if you’re interested:

“It comes standard with a muzzle break and air rifling down the sides. It is lightweight & very accurate. The Nyte Stikk comes in 12,14, and 16 inch lengths and is available for Tippmann, Spyder, Automag, Angel, and Autococker.”

As to the downsides I already mentioned some, but I should also add up the weight (it’s not heavy, but the previous two are noticeably lighter) and the easy scratching. Still for the price of only $40 I think those downsides are worth ignoring. It’s really a good barrel for even better price. If you can’t afford any of the more expensive barrels go for this one without hesitation, but if you can spare another 10 or 20 bucks get the Ice Cold or the Carbon Fiber – they’re just better.

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