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32 Degrees Terminator Barrel


The last 32 Degrees barrel on my list is the Terminator. It’s pretty much what we had with the Nyte Stick – performance is going down, but so is the price so the balance is still there. If I have to compare it to the Nyte Stick, because the prices are closer I’ll have to say that this one is a little louder and even more inaccurate. It’s fairly consistent though and strongly made. Cleaning is a pain again, but it’s something to ignore considering the price. The thing does what is advertised to do and does it well. It rarely breaks balls, but that pretty much depends on the paint you’re using. You have a choice of length so pick up what suits you best. The description for it claims:

“Comes in 12,14 and 16 inch lengths. It comes standard with a muzzle break and air rifling down the sides. It is lightweight & very accurate. Available in aluminum or chrome plated for the Maverick, Spyder, Tippmann models, Autococker or Raptor.”

Downsides are the same as with the Nyte Stick – it’s not the lightest and it scratches easily. As to the price – you can find it for about $ 35, which pretty much hits the low price end. For that money you’re getting pretty decent performance and again if you can’t afford something more expensive (although I don’t see how $5 more is so difficult to spare) get the thing. It will serve you well and you won’t be disappointed of it.

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