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Allen Paintball Products – Firestik II barrel


Firestick II takes after the so popular Firesticks. The thing is actually pretty good. It’s very accurate and reliable. It’s light and well balanced. It is also very easy to clean and maintain. The Firestick II is strongly made, but scratches are not excluded…nothing too different from any other barrel out there. The thing is quiet and you can rely on it being fast. When you look at the description below you’ll notice that the bore size is a large one so be careful with the paintballs you’re getting. Make sure you match them right or just say goodbye to the greatest performance. So here’s the description before we continue:

“Firestick-II Barrels are our 2 peice version of the Firesticks. They look cool and shoot great. A quick and easy performance upgrade for some of the most popular guns in the game. Constructed from Aircraft Grade Aluminum, machined to exacting standards. Micro honed to .692 and a mirror finish. Precision positioned porting minimizes distortion on the ball, making them some of the most accurate paintball barrels ever sold. Spiral Porting pattern. Available for: SPYDER, PIRAHNA, INFERNO, MILLENIUM, BRUIZER, SHERIDAN XTS. Firestick-II are available in Red or Blue – in 12″ length or 14″ length.”

So if we skip the easy, scratching we already mentioned the only other thing you need to worry about is the look of your gun. Well, I don’t see a problem if your gun is red or light blue, but if it’s not you’re risking looking kinda funny. Yes, those are the only two colors the barrels come in and if you’re ok with them you should probably get one. The price is around $70-$80 which is not cheap, but there certainly are more expensive barrels out there. Think about it – the Firestick II is definitely worth considering.

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