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Allen Paintball Products – Widowmaker II barrel


Believe it or not there is a version two of the Widowmaker. Unfortunately it isn’t that much improved. Sure Allen Paintball did some modifications, but they were mostly on the looks and not really on the performance. They really quieted the thing more, but the accuracy is still not the greatest. With the right paintballs size you may get some decent performance, though, so I suppose if you have to choose between the Widowmaker and the Widowmaker II you should absolutely go for second edition. They also added Tippmann to their list of compatible guns if that counts as an advantage.  My question is – if you’re releasing a new, supposedly better product, why leaving the description for the old one? It’s a mystery to me; maybe you’ll figure it out:

“Widowmaker II Barrels are our 2 peice version of the Widowmaker. They look tough and shoot great. A quick and easy performance upgrade for some of the most popular guns in the game. Constructed from Aircraft Grade Aluminum, machined to exacting standards. Micro honed to .692 and a mirror finish. Precision positioned porting minimizes distortion on the ball making them some of the most accurate paintball barrels ever sold. Straight and Spiral Porting patterns available. Available for: SPYDER, PIRAHNA, INFERNO, MILLENIUM, BRUIZER, SHERIDAN XTS. Now also available for the TIPPMANN MODEL 98. Widowmakers are available in Silver and Black ONLY -Optimum 12″ length.”

If we have to talk about the looks – my vote goes for the old one. After all looks were one of the biggest advantages of the Widowmaker, why spoil it? But they did. And now the shiny part of it just screaming your position to your opponents. Again – go figure. Oh, and did I mention you have to pay more for it? Well, it’s a sequence – they always cost more. The thing goes for over $50, but if you still haven’t got the message – look for something better. There is plenty of choice out there.

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