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Armson Pro-Series Barrel


Although there are some flaws people seem to like this barrel. Mainly because it’s pretty accurate and pretty cheap. With it you get some very decent range and it really is a tough made barrel. Ball breaks are not something often, but we know how much that depends on the paint used, so I can’t really put that as advantage. On the downside – the thing is known for being loud. Seriously – it is and if loud is something you want to avoid (there are people that like loud) you should look for a different barrel. Also the Armson is heavy. Compared to other most of the other barrels on the market it weights a ton. Tough made – heavy is the price you pay for that. So here’s the description first and then some more info:

“As the originator of internally rifled barrels for paintball guns, Armson has set the industry standard with 6061 T-6 aircraft grade aluminum construction, Polygon Progressive Internal Rifling, and a specially designed Barrel Vent System to properly vent unspent CO2. Pro-Series barrels are available in limited quantities.”

What’s left is cleaning and maintenance. As I said it’s not often that you break paint with this thing, but if it happens you should know that cleaning is a tough job. Straight-Shot style squeegee, or any disc based squeegee, simply won’t catch all the paint. You have to follow up with a soft swab. Trying to put shots through a wet Armson is nothing but a guaranteed miss. Also keep in mind that follow-up shots after a barrel break tend to also break. If you still like the thing after all the flaws mentioned you should absolutely get it. It costs around $50, which really isn’t that bad, but for that money you can certainly find something better. Still, the choice is all yours.

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