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Armson Stealth Barrel


Another Armson barrel you should know about is the stealth. By all means it is better than the previous one reviewed. Most players think of this barrel as extremely accurate and it is.  Paintballs just fly straight due to its rifling. The Stealth barrel is also very quiet and consistent. It’s light and well balanced, but you can still find lighter barrels on the market. The thing looks good and considering its price it really deserves some consideration. Here’s the description for it:

“The Armson Stealth combines the same 6061 T-6 aircraft grade aluminum construction, and Polygon Progressive rifling as the Pro-Series, with the noise reduction of a ported barrel. They are imported from South Africa, where they are machined to exacting specs. External appearance varies by gun. Spyder and Tippmann Prolite/Carbine barrels do not have external grooves. Available for Spyders, Autococker, Angel, Model 98, Pro-Lite, Raptor, and Shocker. Available in silver and black.”

On the downside we can put tings like – Not self cleaning. This really is bugging and if you get paint in the barrel your shots will start to curve. You will absolutely need a squeegee. What’s worse is that the paint gets in the rifles and is even harder to clean. Another thing is that the 16″ model may be a little too long for some people, especially if you’re into speed ball, but that’s easy – just get a smaller barrel. You can get the Stealth in only one color, but it’s black so I don’t think that’s too big of a downside too. As to the price – the barrel costs around $70 which in my opinion is pretty fair, especially for the performance level you’re getting.

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