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BT Paintball Design BT-M16 Apex barrel kit


The BT-M16 Apex barrel is for anyone that loves tactical woodsball.  The thing is very accurate and has awesome range of fire. Like with the previous Apex reviewed you have the curving and dive bomb effects that are very impressive and after some practice you’ll absolutely love them. The barrel is easy to clean and maintain. It looks just awesome on your gun and really deserves some attention. Check out the features before we move on:

•    On/Off capability
•    Adjustable ramp switch – choose the desired level of curve
•    Left hook, right hook, drop shot and long flat trajectory shots with a twist of the barrel
•    Hit previously untouchable targets with new curve feature
•    Easy to “Dial In” targets and change the level of curve
•    Easy to clean

There are not too many flaws to mention – it chops from time to time, but often just shoots through most chops with no problem. It’s a little bit heavy, but pretty balanced so I’m sure soon you’ll get used to it. You will also need some practice before mastering it, but after that you won’t want to leave it aside. As to the price – you can now find it for about $100, which is actually cheap for what you’re getting out of it. Go for it without any hesitation. It’s worthy.

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