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Chipley Custom Machine Carbon Graphite Barrel System


If you still haven’t noticed that the more expensive products are usually better, you will now. The CCM Carbon Graphite Barrel System is really the best one on the market (and I mean that). Yes, it is also more expensive than the others, but absolutely worth every penny. If you think the other barrels out there are accurate, quiet and light you haven’t tried this one. It beats them all in any of these three indicators. It’s not paint picky, in fact with the spacers that comes with it you can shoot pretty much everything through it. It’s also self cleaning and it really works like a charm. Durability is also a big advantage. If you think being light weighted makes it fragile – you’re so wrong. The thing doesn’t even scratch easily. You’ll absolutely love it.

“Incredibly light and durable, ported for quietness and accuracy. The barrel is precision crafted from Carbon Fiber. Comes with 4 aluminum spacers to fit 4 of the most popular sizes (.683, .685, .687, .689) The carbon is supplied by the manufacturers of the “ST!FF!”, and then bonded to “high grade” aluminum components.”

Usually that’s where the downsides are listed – not this time. There’s really nothing to put as a downside. If I have to force it I’ll say it comes only in one color, but that’s not even worth mentioning. If you really think seriously of paintball this is the barrel you want to get. The price as I said is not for anyone, but if you can spare $180 you should absolutely do it. Take as another advantage – it’s pretty sure you’ll be the only one with a barrel like that on the field.

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