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Component Concepts Inc. Nickel Barrel


Phantom owners are lucky as they have the CCI Nickel for a barrel option. It’s pretty much one of the cheapest barrels on the market, but performancewise is great. It has some issues, but for $40 you can’t really ask for a better barrel. Accuracy isn’t one of the things I’ll put as a downside, because this thing is crazy accurate. It’s also pretty light, but durable at the same time. There’s not too much as description but here it is anyway:

“Comes in 8″ ($40), 11″ ($44) and 14″ ($46) lengths.”

If you’ll get the thing, get it because of the accuracy and because it’s cheap. Things like loud and hard to clean kinda get lost when you mention the price. It’s also not the prettiest looking barrel out there, but the really important thing is that it performs well. Note that the best paint choice when you’re using this barrel is anything with a bigger bore. Match the paint right and you won’t have problems with it. It’s simply the best choice you can make for a Phantom gun.

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