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Component Concepts Inc. Phantom 18 Inch Sniper Barrel


Here’s the other barrel choice for the Phantom owners. This one is even better than the Nickel Barrel reviewed last time. It may be a little longer for some of you, but if you can deal with that you should absolutely consider getting it. Yes, the Phantom stock barrels are good, but they have their downsides – something this barrel is here to take care of. For starters you get even better accuracy than with the stock or the Nickel barrel. With the Sniper you can use much wider selection of paint instead of having to use bigball. No more balls rolling out of your barrel. I can’t call it heavy, but being 18in long does add up to the weight and slightly off balances the gun. Something you’ll get used to after some time. Being long can also be an advantage. With it it’s easier to poke through the brush and grass so that you don’t have to expose more of yourself than nessessary. You’ll notice a little efficiency drop, but that’s normal because of the length of the barrel. Ball breaks are not something common with this thing, but when it happens, cleaning is an easy thing to do. Another great feature is that unlike the Nickel barrel (which was one color only) you can have the 18” custom annodized at CCI to match your gun. There’s not too much of a choice when it comes to Phantom barrels, but of what you have the Sniper is definitely the one to get…if you’re ok with the length. It costs around $50 which is pretty cheap in my opinion. It performs well and looks great on the gun. Don’t hesitate to get it.

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