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CORE 21″ Sniper Paintball Barrel


If you don’t like the 18in barrels out there then this one is certainly not for you. The Core 21in Sniper barrel will absolutely serve you well if you’re a woodsball player. If you’re into speedball though, you’re looking at the wrong place. Woodsball players know the advantages the longer barrel gives – greater accuracy and the ability to stay covered while poking through bushes and grass. This barrel covers that as well. It’s also pretty light considering the length and balances well on the gun. It’s easy to clean if a ball breaks, although if you’re matching the paintballs size to the barrel one it’s less likely to have problems with breaks. On the other hand – the thing is loud. That’s another well known fact – the longer the barrel the louder it is. Same thing goes for efficiency. It’s not the same if you’re using 14in and 21in barrel – the efficiency with the 21in will noticeably drop. Aiming on the other hand will become easier to compensate the reduced shots. Think about it. If you like woodsball and haven’t tried a longer barrel this is a great thing to start with. It costs only $45 and is really a small price to pay. Don’t jump on the more expensive barrels right away. See if something like that works for you first and then upgrade to something better.

“Core 21″ Sniper Paintball Barrel
Made For Spyder, A5, and Model 98”

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