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Custom Products One Piece Barrels


The CP One Piece Barrel is one well liked barrel. People highly appreciate its quality level and great accuracy. What I like most about it is the choice you’re getting. You have the option to absolutely customize the barrel you need to fit you and your gun in the best way. You have several lengths to choose from as well as several bore sizes. Not to mention the variety of colors (you can get it in pretty much every color you can think of) – something you don’t see very often on the barrel market. As far as the performance goes – I don’t think you’ll have many things to complain about. I already said the thing is pretty accurate. It is also very light, but very durable at the same time. It’s not the quietest barrel on the market though, but it still reduces noise quite noticeably. The only thing to be put as a downside is the cleaning. Not that it’s a hard thing to do if you’re using a squeegee, but the thing doesn’t shoot through broken paint very well. Well, for $35 it doesn’t really need to. I’m still calling it a pretty good deal. It performs well, it looks good and it’s very customizable. For that money I don’t think you can ask for more. In the end – here’s the description for it:

“Custom Products makes barrels in 8 popular styles to fit your gun. The Cocker, Mag, Angel, Spider, F-4, Model 98, Bushmaster, and Shocker. All Barrels are available in 4 lengths and 3 different bore sizes. Lengths are 10″, 12″, 14″ and 16″. Bore Sizes are 0.685, 0.689 and 0.693”

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