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Custom Products Pro-Barrel System


And if you hadn’t have enough of the CP barrels here’s one more for you – the Pro-Barrel System. Of them all this is by far my favorite. I know I poured out not one and two superlatives about the CP One Piece and Two Piece Barrels, but the Pro-Barrel outlooks and outperforms them both. It’s even more accurate, lighter, quieter and durable. You still get the huge variety of lengths, bore sizes and colors. The efficiency of this thing is also great. I can even compare it to some of the Dye barrels and at some point even call it better. Here’s the description for it, before we move on:

“The barrel itself is a two piece, two step screw together masterpiece. The first 5 inches is what we call the control bore. (this is the distance that most experts agree is the most critical in a barrel) The second screw-in piece is called the universal tip. This tip is honed to a 0.700 bore diameter, thus allowing the blast of air to completely surround the ball, reshaping the ball spherical again.”

So if you liked the previous two CP barrels reviewed, you’ll absolutely love this one. Again the only downside that remains is the easy scratching, but if you take good care of it, you’ll be fine. The price goes up of course and the Pro-Barrel costs around $75, but still that’s cheaper than many of the barrels on the market. And for the performance you’re getting out of this one I think that price is well deserved. You’ll like the thing, trust me.

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