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Custom Products Pro Two Piece Barrels 2005


And if you want even more variety than the CP One Piece Barrel, get yourself a CP Two Piece one. Seriously I didn’t think they can come up with even wider choice, but with the Two Piece Barrel you can now get the back piece separately from the front and customize your barrel even more. Not only they widen the choice they also bettered the thing. For those who haven’t read the CP One Piece Barrel review – the Two Piece accuracy is still as great, so is the durability level, but the thing is now quieter and easier to clean (things that we put downsides for the One Piece). Shooting through broken paint won’t really mess up the accuracy that much, but still the squeegee cleaning is advisable. CP also changed the design a little bit and in my opinion the barrel looks even better. It’s a little bit pricier of course, since it’s newer, but it deserves it by all means. For it you have to pay around $50, which again is not that much and absolutely worthy. And if I have to point out something negative, let it be the so what easy scratching, so be as careful as you can with that. And again in the end here’s a little description of the CP Two Piece Barrel:

“The 2005 model Two-Piece Pro barrel has a selection of 5 back sizes, 3 back colors, 4 front sizes, and all your standard colors. The 2005 backs also have a new sleek look.”

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