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Dye Aluminum Barrels


The time has come for the Dye barrels reviews. You know I’m not unprejudiced when it comes to Dye products, but I’ll try to be as objective as I can. The Aluminum is the first barrels to be reviewed, and to tell you the truth I’ve seen better barrels out there. The thing looks great, yes, but looks are just a small part of what we’re looking for. Performance-wise the thing is not really the greatest. It shoots fairly accurate…meaning that there certainly are better barrels out there, especially for this price. It’s light, but almost any barrel is. It is quiet – nothing too different from the others I’ve reviewed. It’s Dye, which means you can trust on it being there for you for quite some time. Here’s the description for it before I move to the not so pleasant part:

“The Dye Aluminum paintball barrel reviewed here is a one-piece that comes in 10″, 12″, and 14″ for most guns.”

The downsides: the thing is an air hog (if we can call a barrel that). It’s absolutely inefficient – mainly because of the porting. Yes, porting makes it quieter, but it also uses gas like crazy. Not to mention the hard cleaning. If you expect the thing to clean itself after a break, prepare for a long waiting. Fortunately it doesn’t break balls too often. If a break happens, a squeegee is a must. You may want to be careful about scratches, too. The price is about $90 and usually for a Dye product I’ll say it’s worthy, but not this time. There are better barrels out there for less than $90. And if you insist on a Dye (which I absolutely understand), check out some of the other reviews.

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