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Dye Boomstick Barrel


I’ll review the Boomstick anyway, because, as it says below, it really is one of the most commonly used barrels. The thing is great don’t get me wrong – just with the release of the Ultralite I think it’s not that worthy. Not that the Boomstick doesn’t have the advantages – sure it does – it’s extremely accurate, it’s durable, it’s quiet, it’s amazingly looking – basically everything you can expect from a barrel, but it’s also pretty pricy and just a tad worse than the Ultralite. Why? Because it’s heavier and harder to clean. It’s really nothing too important, but still it is common sense to get the better and cheaper product, right. Anyway here’s the given info about it:

“The Boomstick is the flagship of the Dye barrel line. This is the most widely desired barrel in the paintball industry. The Boomstick is built from gun drilled surgical grade 303 stainless steel and an aircraft grade 6061 T6 aluminum. All DYE barrels are honed to a 6 micron surface finish, giving you the smoothest and straightest barrel surface on the market. The precision fit of the aluminum front combined with the stainless steel back provides one of the best shooting barrels in the world. The Boomstick is the most common barrel used by professional players worldwide.”

Now, don’t think I’m bashing the Boomstick. Before the Ultralite it practically ruled the market – you know there’s got to be a reason for that. It was one of the best. But it’s only natural new and improved stuff to come out. You can still get the barrel for about $130, but as I said it’s not really worthy now. If you already have it – good for you – you know you own a barrel. For those of you who are on a search – go with the Ultralite.

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