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Dye Stainless Steel Barrels


The Stainless Steel is the next Dye barrel to be reviewed. Overall it’s a great barrel – amazingly looking and great when it comes to performance. The thing is strongly made – and I mean that. Not only on the inside, but also externally – it doesn’t a scratch easily at all. It shoots very accurate and is pretty consistent. It’s also extremely quiet, but that goes for most of the barrels out there.  The thing is easy to clean, although shooting through broken paint won’t be a blast. Breaks on the other hand are not something you need to worry about with this barrel. You’ll like the thing I’m sure, but there’s more to be said about it. Right after the manufacturer’s description:

“ Dye Products continue to lead the way in barrel technology. Accuracy, reliability and pure performance has made the Dye barrel the choice among tournament players. These Dye stainless steel barrels are manufactured from gun drilled 303 surgical stainless steel.”

If I have to mention something negative it will be the lack of efficiency. Again this is mainly because of the porting, but you have to make up your mind whether you want your barrel to be quiet or air sufficient. Another thing is the weight. It bothers many players because the Stainless Steel isn’t one of the lightest, but in my opinion it’s better this way (being a little bit heavy), because it balances the gun perfectly. The price is also not something to be very happy about. The Stainless Steel usually costs around $100 which is not cheap for a barrel, but I’ve found places where you can get it as cheap as $40 so look around before making a purchase. It’s a good barrel trust me…if you find it cheaper get it without any hesitation, but spending too much money on it is just not worthy.

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