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Dye Ultralite Barrel


Of all the Dye barrels I’m gonna review I think the Ultralite is the one to go with. Not that the others don’t have qualities or are not worthy, but because this one outperforms them all, or if not, is at a better price (the Boomstick is what I’m referring to with that last part of the sentence). Besides being ultra light (can’t get more creative?), the thing is also super accurate. It is probably the most accurate barrel out there. It’s flawlessly made. It’s strong, it’s quiet and it’s absolutely great looking. Anything you expect from a barrel to be is gathered in the Ultralite. Here are some features:
•    Micro-honed perfection equals perfection in accuracy
•    Threaded at a compound angel to ensure perfect alignment every time
•    Traditional Dye straight porting that is quiet and classic
•    Dye trademarked muzzle break
•    this is dusted base and dusted tip
•    choose your bore size and tip length
The thing is also easy to clean, although you’ll do that job better with a squeegee than just shooting through the broken paint. Breaks on the other hand are not something to expect with this barrel. You can pretty much shoot anything through it with no problems at all. It’s a little steep on the price – around $100 – but in my opinion it absolutely deserves that money. If you can afford it – go for it without hesitation. And for those who actually take notice of my advices – go for it even over the Boomstick…it’s just as good, only cheaper.

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