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Empire Twister Barrel


The Empire Twister is a little older issue, but still deserves some attention. Mostly because you can get it for about $45 which is absolutely cheap, especially when we’re talking quality and performance like that. Sure if you can afford something more expensive and newer you can skip this review, but for $45 this is as good as it gets. The Twister looks really good on your gun, but performance-wise is even better. It is really accurate and although there are quieter guns out there I don’t think this one is horribly loud. It’s also pretty strongly made (definitely better than the Custom 2-Piece reviewed earlier). Breaking balls isn’t something to worry about. The barrel isn’t picky at all, but still stay away from the cheapest paintballs out there. So before we go on here’s some info:

“Barrel produced by Empire Paintball. It is internally rifled to produce more of a predictable trajectory shot after shot. Made from polished 6061 composite g-aluminum. Comes in lengths of either 12″,14″, or 16″.”

It’s time for some negativity. As I said nothing too major, but there are some things you should know about. First off this barrel is extremely hard to clean. No idea why, but you’ll need to use the squeegee once or twice after a break. Good thing is that it doesn’t break paint too often, right. Also, even though the design is awesome (in my own opinion of course), people complain about the spider on the top doesn’t really comes into place when the barrel is completely screwed to the gun. Anyway I’m sure those are things you can live with. If not you’ll have to look for something more expensive. I like the thing and I’m sure if you try it you’ll like it too.

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