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Evil Ultra Tips


The Evil Ultra tip is a super light-weight 12″ front for the Evil Pipe System. Basically the only difference is in the looks, so if you want to spice things up some more you should go with this one and not the normal Pipe tips. Really there’s no difference – the thing is just as accurate, as light and as easy to clean. Even better – it is now a little bit more durable. It’s still loud though…even louder as it has even more porting than the regular tip. It’s a matter of personal opinion of course, but I tend to like the regular tip better. If you’re on the opposite opinion though you can get the Ultra tips for about $40. Decide for yourself if they’re worthy. Here’s the manufacturer’s info about it:

“The name of this thing makes me laugh. Every time I hear it, it makes me think of Transformers or Voltron. Basically with these you can make your pimp ass pipe even cooler. All the kids at your field will want to be like you and have ultra tips on their pipes. Well what makes these different, you ask? As it so happens I will tell you. Ultra tips are like adding heated seats to your car, not absolutely necessary, but in the same case absolutely necessary. It just makes you cooler, and how can you ever put a price on coolness.”

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