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Hammerhead Shark Tooth Rifled Barrel


Ok, one more Hammerhead and we’re done. The Shark Tooth Rifled Barrel is not something everyone will like, but I thought to review it anyway. Starting with the size – the thing is only about 5 in long and this is a major setback for many of the players. It’s pretty accurate though, especially in close to mid range, but when it comes to long distances you can’t really count on it. It really is in its best when used in scenario or woodsball games. The rifling helps a bit, just like with the other HHs. Breaking balls is something you can forget about. I mean, the thing is so short you probably have to use the crappiest paint in the world to manage to break a ball. If you’re that unlucky though, be prepared for some hard cleaning job. Forget about shooting through the paint, the squeegee is your only option. Short also means lack of good porting, so be prepared for one loud barrel. It’s not too bad if you ask me, but it will certainly give out your position. Being short can also be an advantage. The thing makes the gun very compact and light. It absolutely increases maneuverability. If you like that, you can get the Shark Tooth for about $50. Read the following info about it and consider everything written before you make your decision:

“Our barrels are manufactured to exacting tolerances for accuracy, sound displacement and weight. Each barrel is carefully milled, micro-honed and polished to ensure these tolerances do not deviate from our engineering parameters. The HammerHead barrel has been distinctly designed with a trademarked scallop pattern. This is to ensure that is it an authentic HammerHead barrel. Each Barrel carries a money-back
warranty against manufacturing defects. The “Shark Tooth Rifled Barrel” can be used in both woods and in scenario as well.”

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