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J&J Performance Ceramic Barrels


This one really deserves attention. You may think it’s some sort of a junk barrel since it costs only about $40 but you can’t be more wrong about it. The J&J Performance Ceramic Barrel is absolutely worth double that price or even more, because of its great performance. It’s not only light and extremely accurate, it’s also self cleaning. And that’s not some advertisement trick, it’s the real deal. If you ever get a break with it, it takes only one or two shots through and you’re back in business. The barrel looks amazingly good. You don’t get too many color options, but black is plenty sometimes. Also – the barrel is very, very quiet. Pretty much half of it is porting so you can’t really expect it to be noisy. Here’s the manufacturer’s description before we continue:

“While the ceramic is being applied teflon is injected into the pores of the aluminum, resulting in the slickest, yet most durable surface in the world. These barrels are quiet, light, and accurate. Available in 12″, 14″, 16″, and 20″ for most guns.”

The only bad thing is that it scratches easily, but that’s true to most of the barrels out there if you don’t care of them too much. Other than that the barrel is just perfect. And the price is absolutely worth mentioning again – only about $40. If you can’t afford something expensive, absolutely consider this one. It competes with the best of them all to well to be missed out.

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