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J&J Performance Edge Elite Barrel Kit


The Edge Elite barrel kit makes the choice of barrel even more difficult. Every barrel kit I’ve reviewed till now is worth getting and this one doesn’t make a difference. You get 8 pieces that practically cover everything you need from a barrel. The performance of this thing is amazing. It’s dead accurate no matter what length you’re using. It’s quiet and very light. Sometimes breaks are possible, but the thing is self cleaning so you don’t have to worry about squeegees, just one or two shots through the break and you’re all set and shooting darts again. So here’s the manufacturer’s info about it:

” Unquestionably the most technically advanced precision-machined barrel system ever designed. Every back half in the set is measured three times for accuracy, and engineered to greatly increase the performance of your gun and game. This powerful combination promotes reduced friction and increases the accuracy level of your gun tremendously. The top of the line Edge System to make you the elite player. You’ll be able to shoot every brand of paint on the market with complete accuracy. With 5 control bores (.682, .685, .688, .691, .693) and a 10″, 12″ and 14″ front. Comes in a zipper close protective carrying case.

There’s really nothing bad to be said about the J&J Edge Elite Barrel Kit. If you take care of it while playing it will do its job perfectly. Maybe the biggest advantage that this barrel kit has over the others is its price. You can get if for only about $100, which is really cheap considering the other kits sometimes get over $200. $100 for 8 piece barrel kit is practically the best deal you can get. And not that you know you can trust its performance too, you should definitely consider it a buy.

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