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J&J Performance Full Tilt Ceramic


Yet another great barrel from the J&J Performance. I know it’s confusing when there are so many good barrels out there, but I can’t call the black white and give it a bad review when it is just awesome. So you just have to go with your personal preference and get the one that you feel fits you best. And back to the Full Tilt by J&J – for the money this thing goes (about $55) it’s definitely in the list of consideration. It performs great. If I have to be fair it performs better than anything by J&J I’ve reviewed so far. It’s even more accurate (if that’s possible), quieter (that’s for real, your opponents can’t hear anything) and even lighter. You’ll be amazed. It’s also strongly made and even if it feels fragile you can trust it completely. It self-cleans, but if you match the paint to bore size right you may not even need to see it self-clean. Here’s the info for it:

“Unquestionably the most technically advanced precision-machined barrel system ever designed. Every back half in the set is measured three times for accuracy and engineered to greatly increase the performance of your marker and game. This powerful combination promotes reduced friction and increase the accuracy level of your gun tremendously.”

Just like with the other J&J’s products there’s nothing to be put as a downside. The thing is nearly flawless. Sometimes it can scratch easily, but if take good care of it I don’t think you’ll have a problem with that. Really – for the price of $55 this thing performs awesome. It can easily outperform some of the most expensive barrels out there and if you’re thinking of getting it, know that you’re not making a mistake.

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